The Queen Mother

I always found it rather ironic that THE Queen Victoria (you know, of England, Empress of India, and all that jazz) did not get along well with her mother. Because, surprise surprise, I don’t get along with my own mother. And of course you’re all gonna say “That’s just a teenage thing. You’ll get over it eventually and realize your mom was right all along.” Let me tell you, that is WRONG. It’s become something of a joke in my family that my mother and I get along better when we’re in different counties. It’s also becoming something of a family tradition: my mom couldn’t stand her mother and got along well with her grandmother, and I get along great with my mom’s mom but my mother…not so much. Which in turn makes me fear that I’m going to have a daughter that gets along with my mother and Lord help us now, the world does not need two of my mother.

Okay, I have to be honest. She’s not a terrible person. She’s a lovely woman and she has many friends and somehow manages to kick butt and take names. Its just that we are so opposite. And while we do occasionally get along, she usually ruins it by just being her. I do love my mother, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t stand her most of the time. Luckily for me, she’s not home frequently due to unfortunate family circumstances, but I just found out yesterday she’ll be home on a more permanent basis for the time being. I was already going insane before, and now  I have serious doubts that I’ll be able to survive the next few weeks. I just have to keep looking forward to the end of the year when I get to move away (again) and return to my university studies. That’s only in what…66 days? Just barely more than two months from now…will I make it?

Stay tuned for the next exciting day in the life of royalty.


xoxo Queen V


I Think My Clock Deserves A Speeding Ticket

Where does the time go? Last week went by so fast! Halloween is in only 17 days! Although that really doesn’t mean much to me this year, as I have absolutely no plans to do anything. Oh well. There’s always next year. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have CA come visit me this weekend and I can’t believe how much we did in the approximately 28 hours that she was here. It was an incredible weekend, and definitely something I needed to help distract me from, well, from my life. It’s not that I’m depressed. I’m not. Really. But having every day be pretty much the same thing, and having to be the “responsible and mature” adult in charge of an 18 year old and a 14 year old gets really old really fast. So its been great having Lady here last weekend, and CA here this weekend. And next weekend, I get to go home again and see my Elvish Queen.

Normally, I would take this time to discuss something that happened to me recently, or discuss some interesting piece of news, but so much has happened it would be easier to finish one of the novels I’ve been working on for years. And technically, I’m supposed to be entering reports at work right now. So you’ll all have to wait for my next post, which will probably be something entertainment related.


xoxo Queen V

What’s absolutely cool about this post is that it is relatively close to today’s daily prompt. This week I was lucky (or crazy) enough to get tickets to ACL. For those of you who don’t know what that is: Austin City Limits Music Festival. It’s a bunch of really great bands all playing in a park over the course of three days. Personally, I don’t know that many of the bands, except the headliners, which this year include: Muse, The Cure, Kings of Leon, and Eric Church. But I’m still really excited to get to spend the day with Lady, who drove down to spend the weekend with me. Unfortunately, we had to miss most of Friday’s line up due to my working and Lady’s having class and then making the four hour drive here. BUT. We got to see the band we absolutely most wanted to see all weekend: Muse. It was such a perfect night. We thought we actually weren’t going to make it to see them, or at least be really late. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (parking realllyyyyy far away from the free shuttle, the shuttles stopped running at 8, and then walking foreverrrr to get to the stage where they were playing), we almost just gave up. I am so glad we didn’t. The stage they were supposed to perform on had technical difficulties, and they didn’t get started until we joined the crush of people gathered together in the dark to jam to fantastic music (or as Lady would say, Muse-ic).

There’s just something about listening to live music by a band you like with thousands of other people in the dark just enjoying life. My 9th grade self would be in awe of my now self. In 9th grade, I absolutely adored Muse. I wrote all my high school papers listening solely to Muse and Linkin Park. I didn’t know some of their newer stuff, but their really popular ones were just incredible to listen to and be a part of the crowd of fans singing and dancing along. Last night was definitely worth every ounce of trouble I went through to get there.

Today, I’m heading out to day 2 of ACL, and I have high hopes that today will be a fantastic memory.


xoxo Queen V


P.S. I’m leaving you with this

I want to introduce you all to someone spectacular. She’s one of my very best friends in real life, and in my Royal Court I’ve come to think of her as visiting foreign royalty. Quite possibly she’s the Queen of the Elves. I know, I probably sound crazy. I DON’T CARE. Welcome to the Royal Court. I do things as I wish. I’m the QUEEN. Anyway, back to my Elvish Queen. One of the only people I rank above myself in terms of hierarchy. Though mostly I consider us equals, sometimes I do let her call me peasant (yes, in real life.) Anyway, she has just started a blog on wordpress and you should all go check it out HERE. Just to warn all of you, sometimes she will do something of a guest appearance on my blog and talk about really awesome things and do a much better job of it than myself. So that’s that. 

An Introduction


Let me just say that I COMPLETELY ADORED this movie. I really really did. I didn’t expect to love it. I thought, “hmm, that might be good. Plus Chris Hemsworth is hot. I’d like to see it.” And then I went and saw it last night with a friend and my mind was blown. It was awesome because there were only the two of us and one other person in the entire auditorium so I could freak out as much as I wanted during the entire film.

Okay, to get this part over with. The negatives. It was rated R, which I typically don’t mind. The language was fine and beautifully handled for maximum impact. I personally thing language in a film can be used creatively and for wonderful artistic purposes. However, the nudity bothered me. I just didn’t find it necessary to further the story. Also, the whole gory aspect was gross. I don’t really mind, and I can always look away during the grossest parts. So I did. But even the blood and guts aspect was beautiful. Okay, negatives over.

THIS MOVIE WAS FANTASTIC. The actors are all phenomenal, and I don’ t think Chris Hemsworth has ever looked more perfect. Even his feet in that one scene were perfect. And I don’t want to leave out Daniel Bruhl. He was equally as fantastic…Okay, I have to mention this. I won’t be doing this movie or post justice if I don’t. The chemistry between Hemswirth and Bruhl was so unexpected and PERFECT. Halfway through the movie, I was practically chanting, “They’re in love” over and over and over. My new favorite brotp (forgive my tumblr slang). These two actors really brought the drama and feelings of the film to life.

This is definitely one of my new favorite films and I certainly hope it wins a bunch of awards because it absolutely deserves it. I give Rush a 9/10. In the meantime, I’ll just leave this here…

Rush Movie Poster


In Which I Have A Free Weekend

This past weekend was the first time I’ve had a free weekend in months. Of course I had to make the most of it. In fact, I packed so much into 52 hours that my head is still spinning this morning. But here I am at work, trying to make myself focus on typing reports. So I’ve made myself a deal, type ten reports and then spend a few minutes on this post. Eventually I will manage to tell you all about my weekend, for those of you who care.

FRIDAY, I had to work at the hotel. I got off a bit early and picked up G from school and we headed towards my hometown. Its about a four hour drive, depending on traffic (which was horrid) and weather (rainy, but there was a pretty rainbow). G and I managed to only fight a couple times, only once that was seriously an argument. But she made up for it by being a surprisingly good navigator, especially when we had to find an alternate route to avoid a massive traffic jam. That ended up being kind of fun, like going on an adventure. When we finally got there, it was about 8 pm, and I dropped G off at the stadium for the homecoming football game. I raced to my friend’s house, and got there before she did (she had to travel a long distance also). This friend is my Chief Adviser, so from here on out I’ll refer to her as CA. When I got to the house, the first thing I wanted to do was shower. It was my first real shower in a week, and it was marvelous. By the time I was feeling human again, CA got home and spent ten minutes rolling around on the floor with her two dogs while I watched, bemusedly. Finally the two of us went to visit the High Enchantress (another friend). The three of us had a great time, eating chocolate and jelly beans (I detest jelly beans), coloring our hair with hair chalk, and putting on fake tattoos. Unfortunately for me, CA decided it would be hilarious to put the entire sheet of tattoos on my back instead of just cutting one out, and I still can’t get them completely off. CA also got to try on the High Enchantress’ neck brace, much to her own amusement. We finally left at 11 pm and returned to CA’s house. There, we got ready for bed and it was finally time to sleep.

SATURDAY, I got to sleep in a little bit. That was exciting. CA and I went to deliver homemade rice krispy treats to the High Enchantress, but she wasn’t home so we left them on the porch. From the High Enchantress’ front lawn you can see one of the six elementary schools in town, and I asked CA if she’d ever seen the school. She said no, so we ended up going on a tour of the elementary schools in town, driving around to see various parts of town and had a great time. When we got home, we spent a little while looking up various things on YouTube before we had to get ready to meet one of the only people ranked higher than me: The Queen of the Universe. She was my AP English IV teacher in high school, and she is what I aspire to be when I grow up.  After we had coffee with her at Starbucks, CA and I went to the grocery store to get ingredients for my apple pie. It started raining while we were in the store, so we got soaked on the way out to the car. A random guy who saw us make a run for it yelled “Good luck!” That was funny. When we got back to the house, I made the apple pie (which turned out amazing, of course) and then CA’s eldest sister’s boyfriend came over and made dinner. In the meantime, another friend, my Lady-in-Waiting, whom I’ll refer to as Lady from now on, came over because she was upset so she ended up staying the night and making me watch Sleepy Hollow, which was very…interesting.

SUNDAY, I woke up and went to church with CA and her family. Then we met Lady at Fuzzy’s Tacos for lunch (yum!). After that, we went back to CA’s house and I took a shower and watched the first episode of Breaking Bad. Then I had to leave, and pick up G before making the long drive back home. When I got home, I found that my dad and his friend had installed an indoor shower. Thank heavens for that, because I do NOT like showering outside with no hot water. And then my mother and I watched Once Upon A Time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. *Sigh*.

And that was my weekend. Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!

xoxo Queen V



So, I recently finished watching Alias. I watched all five seasons over the past couple months. I loved it. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and every plot twist took me by surprise. I give this show an A++. All of the characters are just so wonderfully developed and the actors are just brilliant. Typically, I can’t stand it when a show brings a character in and makes them a regular during a later season, but Nadia, Tom Grace, and Rachel changed my mind. They all added more elements to the show to make it even better.

Let’s talk about a few characters for a minute. Sydney Bristow. Main character, protagonist, all around classy lady badass. She was wonderful and I just felt so sorry for all the heartbreak she kept going through. I just wanted her to be happy, gosh darn it! But she kicked butt and took names, always looking fantastic while doing it.

Jack Bristow. Sydney’s dad. Didn’t like him at first. While he had his faults, I did fall in love with him at some point and he was doing his best to be a father to Sydney. I really liked the tension between him and Vaughn. Also enjoyable was the relationship between Jack and Irina.

Speaking of Irina…wow, is she one complicated woman. She’s alternately good and evil. Though I think its safe to say she showed her true (dark) colors in the finale. I can’t help but like her though. She was somehow a decent mother to Sydney throughout all of the evil shenanigans she was involved in.

And finally…Michael Vaughn. Because face it, how can you not love this man?


If you don’t think he’s gorgeous, you’re wrong. Sydney and Vaughn just have this amazing chemistry and the entire show is worth watching just for the UST (unresolved sexual tension). Just be warned, midway through season two, the UST becomes very resolved. And then becomes re-unresolved in season three, only to be re-resolved in season four, to be put on hiatus through most of season five…I’ll spare you the details. Anyway, I just love this man and he’s beautiful and wonderful and *sigh*

Stay tuned for my next tv review!

xoxo Queen V