What’s absolutely cool about this post is that it is relatively close to today’s daily prompt. This week I was lucky (or crazy) enough to get tickets to ACL. For those of you who don’t know what that is: Austin City Limits Music Festival. It’s a bunch of really great bands all playing in a park over the course of three days. Personally, I don’t know that many of the bands, except the headliners, which this year include: Muse, The Cure, Kings of Leon, and Eric Church. But I’m still really excited to get to spend the day with Lady, who drove down to spend the weekend with me. Unfortunately, we had to miss most of Friday’s line up due to my working and Lady’s having class and then making the four hour drive here. BUT. We got to see the band we absolutely most wanted to see all weekend: Muse. It was such a perfect night. We thought we actually weren’t going to make it to see them, or at least be really late. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (parking realllyyyyy far away from the free shuttle, the shuttles stopped running at 8, and then walking foreverrrr to get to the stage where they were playing), we almost just gave up. I am so glad we didn’t. The stage they were supposed to perform on had technical difficulties, and they didn’t get started until we joined the crush of people gathered together in the dark to jam to fantastic music (or as Lady would say, Muse-ic).

There’s just something about listening to live music by a band you like with thousands of other people in the dark just enjoying life. My 9th grade self would be in awe of my now self. In 9th grade, I absolutely adored Muse. I wrote all my high school papers listening solely to Muse and Linkin Park. I didn’t know some of their newer stuff, but their really popular ones were just incredible to listen to and be a part of the crowd of fans singing and dancing along. Last night was definitely worth every ounce of trouble I went through to get there.

Today, I’m heading out to day 2 of ACL, and I have high hopes that today will be a fantastic memory.


xoxo Queen V


P.S. I’m leaving you with this


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