Let me just say that I COMPLETELY ADORED this movie. I really really did. I didn’t expect to love it. I thought, “hmm, that might be good. Plus Chris Hemsworth is hot. I’d like to see it.” And then I went and saw it last night with a friend and my mind was blown. It was awesome because there were only the two of us and one other person in the entire auditorium so I could freak out as much as I wanted during the entire film.

Okay, to get this part over with. The negatives. It was rated R, which I typically don’t mind. The language was fine and beautifully handled for maximum impact. I personally thing language in a film can be used creatively and for wonderful artistic purposes. However, the nudity bothered me. I just didn’t find it necessary to further the story. Also, the whole gory aspect was gross. I don’t really mind, and I can always look away during the grossest parts. So I did. But even the blood and guts aspect was beautiful. Okay, negatives over.

THIS MOVIE WAS FANTASTIC. The actors are all phenomenal, and I don’ t think Chris Hemsworth has ever looked more perfect. Even his feet in that one scene were perfect. And I don’t want to leave out Daniel Bruhl. He was equally as fantastic…Okay, I have to mention this. I won’t be doing this movie or post justice if I don’t. The chemistry between Hemswirth and Bruhl was so unexpected and PERFECT. Halfway through the movie, I was practically chanting, “They’re in love” over and over and over. My new favorite brotp (forgive my tumblr slang). These two actors really brought the drama and feelings of the film to life.

This is definitely one of my new favorite films and I certainly hope it wins a bunch of awards because it absolutely deserves it. I give Rush a 9/10. In the meantime, I’ll just leave this here…

Rush Movie Poster



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