I want to introduce you all to someone spectacular. She’s one of my very best friends in real life, and in my Royal Court I’ve come to think of her as visiting foreign royalty. Quite possibly she’s the Queen of the Elves. I know, I probably sound crazy. I DON’T CARE. Welcome to the Royal Court. I do things as I wish. I’m the QUEEN. Anyway, back to my Elvish Queen. One of the only people I rank above myself in terms of hierarchy. Though mostly I consider us equals, sometimes I do let her call me peasant (yes, in real life.) Anyway, she has just started a blog on wordpress and you should all go check it out HERE. Just to warn all of you, sometimes she will do something of a guest appearance on my blog and talk about really awesome things and do a much better job of it than myself. So that’s that. 

An Introduction


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