In Which I Have A Free Weekend

This past weekend was the first time I’ve had a free weekend in months. Of course I had to make the most of it. In fact, I packed so much into 52 hours that my head is still spinning this morning. But here I am at work, trying to make myself focus on typing reports. So I’ve made myself a deal, type ten reports and then spend a few minutes on this post. Eventually I will manage to tell you all about my weekend, for those of you who care.

FRIDAY, I had to work at the hotel. I got off a bit early and picked up G from school and we headed towards my hometown. Its about a four hour drive, depending on traffic (which was horrid) and weather (rainy, but there was a pretty rainbow). G and I managed to only fight a couple times, only once that was seriously an argument. But she made up for it by being a surprisingly good navigator, especially when we had to find an alternate route to avoid a massive traffic jam. That ended up being kind of fun, like going on an adventure. When we finally got there, it was about 8 pm, and I dropped G off at the stadium for the homecoming football game. I raced to my friend’s house, and got there before she did (she had to travel a long distance also). This friend is my Chief Adviser, so from here on out I’ll refer to her as CA. When I got to the house, the first thing I wanted to do was shower. It was my first real shower in a week, and it was marvelous. By the time I was feeling human again, CA got home and spent ten minutes rolling around on the floor with her two dogs while I watched, bemusedly. Finally the two of us went to visit the High Enchantress (another friend). The three of us had a great time, eating chocolate and jelly beans (I detest jelly beans), coloring our hair with hair chalk, and putting on fake tattoos. Unfortunately for me, CA decided it would be hilarious to put the entire sheet of tattoos on my back instead of just cutting one out, and I still can’t get them completely off. CA also got to try on the High Enchantress’ neck brace, much to her own amusement. We finally left at 11 pm and returned to CA’s house. There, we got ready for bed and it was finally time to sleep.

SATURDAY, I got to sleep in a little bit. That was exciting. CA and I went to deliver homemade rice krispy treats to the High Enchantress, but she wasn’t home so we left them on the porch. From the High Enchantress’ front lawn you can see one of the six elementary schools in town, and I asked CA if she’d ever seen the school. She said no, so we ended up going on a tour of the elementary schools in town, driving around to see various parts of town and had a great time. When we got home, we spent a little while looking up various things on YouTube before we had to get ready to meet one of the only people ranked higher than me: The Queen of the Universe. She was my AP English IV teacher in high school, and she is what I aspire to be when I grow up.  After we had coffee with her at Starbucks, CA and I went to the grocery store to get ingredients for my apple pie. It started raining while we were in the store, so we got soaked on the way out to the car. A random guy who saw us make a run for it yelled “Good luck!” That was funny. When we got back to the house, I made the apple pie (which turned out amazing, of course) and then CA’s eldest sister’s boyfriend came over and made dinner. In the meantime, another friend, my Lady-in-Waiting, whom I’ll refer to as Lady from now on, came over because she was upset so she ended up staying the night and making me watch Sleepy Hollow, which was very…interesting.

SUNDAY, I woke up and went to church with CA and her family. Then we met Lady at Fuzzy’s Tacos for lunch (yum!). After that, we went back to CA’s house and I took a shower and watched the first episode of Breaking Bad. Then I had to leave, and pick up G before making the long drive back home. When I got home, I found that my dad and his friend had installed an indoor shower. Thank heavens for that, because I do NOT like showering outside with no hot water. And then my mother and I watched Once Upon A Time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. *Sigh*.

And that was my weekend. Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!

xoxo Queen V


One thought on “In Which I Have A Free Weekend

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