To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I’m writing this at nearly one o’clock in the morning, though I won’t post it ’til much later today. Call me crazy, but I can’t see, to fall asleep  with a mosquito buzzing around my face, a dog sleeping under my blankets, a cat sleeping on top of my blankets, and my fitted sheet not wanting to stay on my mattress. Weekends always exhaust me; I should have been asleep hours ago. Instead I’m laying here in the dark, trying not to wake my sisters that are sleeping somewhat peacefully in the very near vicinity. I saw somewhat peacefully because they both talk in their sleep, sometimes having full (if nonsensical) conversation, which neither will remember in the morning.

Today (or rather, yesterday) was my last Sunday working at the hotel. It’s sad to think I won’t be part of the weekend craziness there anymore. I love the constant activity and the easy camaraderie we all have. I’m secretly kind of glad my boss asked me to stay and just change my days instead of quitting entirely. Working in a hotel has not in any way lessened my desire to study hospitality when I finally get back to university.

In other news, we can’t find our two outside dogs. I haven’t seem them in a few days, though my sisters both say they have seen them. I’m beginning to worry they got lost or hurt. My dog has already been shot once and stuck with porcupine quills twice. Maybe they’ll turn up soon. I hope so.

*Yawn* Maybe I should try to get some sleep since I have to be in the office at 9 in the morning. So for now, remember darkness is only the absence of light.


xoxo Queen V


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