So, I recently finished watching Alias. I watched all five seasons over the past couple months. I loved it. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and every plot twist took me by surprise. I give this show an A++. All of the characters are just so wonderfully developed and the actors are just brilliant. Typically, I can’t stand it when a show brings a character in and makes them a regular during a later season, but Nadia, Tom Grace, and Rachel changed my mind. They all added more elements to the show to make it even better.

Let’s talk about a few characters for a minute. Sydney Bristow. Main character, protagonist, all around classy lady badass. She was wonderful and I just felt so sorry for all the heartbreak she kept going through. I just wanted her to be happy, gosh darn it! But she kicked butt and took names, always looking fantastic while doing it.

Jack Bristow. Sydney’s dad. Didn’t like him at first. While he had his faults, I did fall in love with him at some point and he was doing his best to be a father to Sydney. I really liked the tension between him and Vaughn. Also enjoyable was the relationship between Jack and Irina.

Speaking of Irina…wow, is she one complicated woman. She’s alternately good and evil. Though I think its safe to say she showed her true (dark) colors in the finale. I can’t help but like her though. She was somehow a decent mother to Sydney throughout all of the evil shenanigans she was involved in.

And finally…Michael Vaughn. Because face it, how can you not love this man?


If you don’t think he’s gorgeous, you’re wrong. Sydney and Vaughn just have this amazing chemistry and the entire show is worth watching just for the UST (unresolved sexual tension). Just be warned, midway through season two, the UST becomes very resolved. And then becomes re-unresolved in season three, only to be re-resolved in season four, to be put on hiatus through most of season five…I’ll spare you the details. Anyway, I just love this man and he’s beautiful and wonderful and *sigh*

Stay tuned for my next tv review!

xoxo Queen V


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